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Full BOM meeting held on 16th September 2022

Dear Stakeholders Kitambo Mixed Sec School.Greetings.Following the Full BOM meeting held on 16th September 2022, the BOM resolved that a committee be formed and chart the way forward for the construction of a model Super classroom to mark the celebration of Kitambo@20 this year,2022. The Committee met on Friday 16th September 2022, headed by Canon James Okoyo HSC, POYA. The Committee resolved the following:

  1. The date of celebrations adopted as Saturday 26th November 2022 at 10.00 am.

2. The Committee was expanded to include:

Canon James Okoyo-Chairman

Mr.Michael Omollo-Secretary.

Mr.Peter Opon-Member.

Mrs Felistus Muoki-Member.

Mr. Elly Randiga-Member.

Mr.Austin Tuju-Member.

Md.Emma Otieno-MP Representative.

Rev.Kennedy Owuor-Sponsor.

Mr.Joseph Anguk-PA Representative.

Mr.George Muga-D/Principal.

Mr Dan Waga-A/C Department.

Mr.Joel Ogol-Tr Representative.

03. The Committee was tasked to meet every Friday in the school compound at 3.00 pm until D-day.

04. The Principal was tasked to call Public Works

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