About Kitambo Mixed Secondary School

School Structure (Overview)


Kitambo mixed secondary school was established in the year 2002 following the deliberation of Kakumu welfare to educate all Kitambo primary school pupils who were invited to national schools. As it turned out, there was an emotive plight of other pupils who would get opportunities in other schools but could not join them as a result of lack of school fees. This prompted the head teacher Mr. Oburu Obumba who led a deligation to patron J.S Obonyo with a proposal to initiate a secondary school.
The school enjoys the long history whose entire details may not merit content constraints in this document. However, it would, in a special way, register acknowledgement of the many stakeholders whose effort yielded the fruition of this dream. Specifically, the Kakumu welfare for overall coordination and support Mrs. Naomi Wangai who presided over a fundraiser that realized Ksh. 750000 used for purchase of land, Moses Owiti who constructed one classroom. Mr. J S Obonyo for exemplary patronage as well as honorable Raphael Tuju former MP and minister for foreign affairs whose contribution to KMSS is plainly colossal.

Kitambo School Bus

Thus, the school was established in January 2002 with a provisional certificate being issued on 19th of April the same year. The first lot of students was enrolled from 11th February to May 12 2002 totaling to 16 pioneer class. At this inception, the primary section had provided one classroom and an office space for its operations awaiting for the acquisition of land for the secondary school. Mr. Oduor Otieno became the first TSC teacher at Kitambo secondary school having been seconded by TSC from Got Abiero secondary school.
Overall Goal
To produce holistic students who will serve in nation building.
Overtime the school has continued to enjoy support from other development agencies including Reuters foundation, BAT Kenya and Barclays bank who through their CSR programs have constructed a classroom each to KMSS. The Kakumu welfare has continued to take full ownership of the school, a gesture coupled with hand on management of, currently Mr. Omollo. O. Michael which has seen the enrolment sky- rocket from mere 16 in 2002 to bourgeoning 500 in 2019. This is not to eclipse unmatched support of Rarieda NG-CDF, PA and MOE.

Kitambo is currently considering third stream to ease the number pressure in classroom registration being GP/A/5748.09.

Geographical location

Kitambo mixed secondary school is located in Kitambo village, North Ramba sub location, central Asembo location, Rarieda subcounty in Siaya county. The school lies about 2.5kilometres from Ndori center off the Kisumu-Bondo Road. The location is characterized with red soil that get sticky muddy on rainy season affecting easy access to school. The dry spell bequeaths it with soft red dust occasionally compromising on health.

Socio- economic status of the school community

Most of the people living around school are involved in small scale businesses, motorbike transport business and substance farming. Most of the people are causal laborer likewise schools KMSS experiences socio economic problems related to HIV/AIDS being situated in poverty- prone catchment area.
In Retrospect, fee payment has been inconsistent and this inhibits the normal functioning of the school. Due to poverty experienced among the majority of parents some encourage their children to join construction work or engage in other manual work to supplement their family income instead of encouraging them to participate fully in academics
Parents are engaged in low paying manual jobs while some are vendors. Majority don't have steady source of income. The school has a high number of OVCs affecting the general wellbeing of the students.


  • Implementation of curriculum

  • Staff supervision

  • Financial management

  • Provision and maintenance of physical infrastructure